Washing Tanks

Cleaning procedures of steel and alloy components, conducted on board or in a busy scheduled shipyard, can drive to a considerable increase in time-related and operativity-related costs. Moreover, the use of chemicals to address this specific industrial issues has been recently discouraged for environmental and cost-efficiency reasons, due to the fact that sustainable technologies are intrinsically less expensive and unharmful for the eco-system.
For these reasons, ultrasonic Washing Tanks are widely used in shipyards and other industries to clean many different types of objects, including any steel or alloy component of the engine system, such as pistons, valves, turbo-blowers, amongst others.

10 clear advantages of our Washing Tanks

  • Easy to install
  • Plug & Play components
  • Ultrasonic washing is one of the fastest and cost-efficient process in the industry
  • Ultra durable structure
  • Optional basket even to place over-dimensioned components
  • 100% Eco-compatible
  • 24 hours/365 days a year technical assistance
  • 30+ years of experience in one tank!
  • One single button to perform washing
  • One digital thermometer to monitor ultrasonic cleaning process stability

Pre-configured models

We have mainly three standard Washing Tanks model, model 2600/2900/5200, respectively equipped with 24, 28, 48 transducers. Each model has been developed during the past years due to the majority or requests of such sizes and operating capabilities. The ultrasonic washing process, to ensure its sustainability, is conducted only with water and 3.5% of organic-decomposable detergents. Each Washing Tank is equipped with LEO 100 Ultrasonic Trasducers and one or two IKE 2200 Ultrasonic Generator. Below are displayed the main characteristics of our standard washing tanks models.

Washing Tanks Model260029005200
Generator alarm featureYesYesYes
LEO 100 Transducers number242848
IKE 2200 Ultrasonic generator112
Cleaning basketOptionalOptionalOptional
Eco-compatible detergentIncludedIncludedIncluded
Internal dimensions (mm)700x600x9001090x650x9701200x1000x900
External dimensions (mm)900x800x12001400x850x12001500x1300x1150
Internal steel structureAISI 316LAISI 316LAISI 316L
External steel structureAISI 304AISI 304AISI 304
Power consumption2400W2800W4800W

Custom build kits

The huge variety of mechanical tools present both on board and at the shipyard have led in the past years to consider also customizable washing tanks specifically designed to have enough space to clean the requested items. Some of them can be reduced in dimension and for that reason a reduced and unpowered version could be better both in term of cost-efficacy and space management. Similarly, some of your engine room parts could be bigger than expected or custom build components, necessitating a wider tanks to perform ultrasonic washing, with similar performances.

Curious about our washing tanks?