We are deeply proud of our products, but in the end, we are also convinced that a specifically designed asset of services gives the main contribution to built a strong reliability over time of experience.

For our antifouling systems, the main services involved are those conduced by the technical department, responsible for the research and production process from the preliminary analysis phase, to the delivery of the vessel.

Analysis & Design

Our main goal is to intercept all of your fouling protection needs and make them match with your technical specifications and requirements. The preliminary analytic process its focused on the dimensions of the main sea water circuit to cover, the materials used for the construction in pipes, sea chest and crossovers and the overall layout and capacity of the sea water circuit.

Then, after analyzing the overall fouling coverage requirements, our technical department will start to develop your custom project in order to make a reserved quotation for you.

After Sales Services

After the delivery of the systems, every single action suggested by our After Sales Services plan is aimed to extend the overall lifetime and performance of the system in the best possible way. During the in warranty period, as well as after its conclusion, our technicians are available 24 hours a day in order to remotely assist you for every enquiry. We are also used to propose multiple maintenance and assistance plans for company which has more than one ship equipped with our systems, in order to improve the overall efficiency and reduce costs of maintenance protocols.