M.E.S. s.r.l. General Management, aware of the relevance of its Quality Management System, had taken the decision to conform it to the recent UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 requirements.

Our company core business, the supply of ultrasonic anti fouling systems and washing tanks, needs to be sustained by an efficient organizational structure, a continuous training of the human resources and update of the production processes involved as well as the capability to continuously increase the research and development of new ultrasonic technologies and applied solutions. Our team should undertake a great organizational and operational effort, in order to satisfy our customers requests and the fore comings challenges of the future, typically characterized by increasing standards of proficiency and competence.

With the present document the General Management, after analyzing the context in which its operate and customers and stakeholders commercial requests respectively, is committed to undertake the following actions:

  • Carry out safe and efficient antifouling and washing systems in compliance with the applicable mandatory requirements and the best available technology, involving the same suppliers who must collaborate both in terms of delivery times and in terms of product quality.
  • Support the main strategic protocols, aimed to:
    1. represent a leading company in the antifouling sector with particular regard to respect for the environment, eliminating the use of harmful substances used with other polluting systems
    2. continuously invest economical resources for the research & development department
    3. be always focused on customer satisfaction

All these actions are conducted through the followings strategies:

  • Hiring highly skilled staff in order to concur to the general increasing of the overall proficiency and competence business levels. The above mentioned staff shall be updated on the fore comings technologies, committed on the general business strategies and in condition to operate in the best work place possible and at its highest productive level.
  • Conduct a business plan in order to avoid risks and concur for the best business opportunities.
  • Periodical definition of the Quality Management strategy and achievements based on real, up to date, information on the overall business economic data in order to continuously increase both M.E.S. processes and services
  • Respect any customer need, by caring of the perfect match of the project to the original technical and commercial specifications, avoiding any possible limitation or claim with any possible operational action. 
  • Supply the necessary resources in order to support the staff in a collaborative and efficient business context.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the company.

Our Company, in order to safeguard the health status of its staff and final customers, has implemented all the provisions imposed by the most recent laws and regulations for the Coronavirus emergency outbreak.

The Quality Management documentation is visible for everyone, including our staff, which has been previously trained in order to assist them in its interpretation. Moreover, it has been transmitted to our external suppliers and always available for consulting at our website www.mesultra.com.

The General Management will provide the necessaries modifications or updates to the present Policy if any change of the operational setting will occur in the future.

Arenzano GE, 6th July 2020
M.E.S. S.r.l.