Our Ultrasonic solutions have been developed after many years of collaboration with the most relevant shipyards and shipowners in the merchant and naval industry. The common technological note at the basis of their development is to prevent the use of chemicals and expensive consumables to solve two main maritime issues by means of ultrasonic technology: fouling prevention and cleaning.

Biological fouling

Biological fouling on the hull of a ship, since the beginning of the history of navigation, has been literally addressed by all seafarers as a ship stopper. Similarly, in the main sea water intake circuits, fouling sedimentation have shown to reduce the overall performance of the principal water management systems and to repeatedly stop their operativity for cleaning procedures.

M.E.S S.r.l., after 38 years of research and development on marine fouling, patented the first ultrasonic Antifouling System in 2006, in order to avoid the growth of biological fouling inside seawater engine cooling system. The analogic Antifouling System is made up of a fully customizable electric panel equipped with manual selectors, an Ultrasonic IKE 2200 Generator and up to 40 Ultrasonic LEO 50 Transducers. The system is equipped with a PLC control system.

The digital Antifouling System, conversely, is made up of a fully customizable electric panel equipped with a new generation digital interface (or HMI, Human-Machine Interface), an Ultrasonic IKE 2200 Generator and up to 40 Ultrasonic LEO 50 Transducers. The digital Antifouling System has a novel diagnostical feature, capable of monitoring the efficiency of each transducer connected, over time. Moreover, every information on system functionality is collected on a newly-developed touchscreen HMI. 


ECO COMPATIBLE – No use of Chemicals, anodes or other consumables
EASY TO INSTALL – It can easily be installed during regular maintenance, on both new and already existing vessel. No dry/white dock is needed
CUSTOMIZATION – 40 transducers/1 electronic cabinet and pipe diameter up to 1500 mm, Antifouling System can be customized according to vessel’s needs
NON INVASIVE – No contact with water as no penetration of pipes is needed. It can be used on composite and steel pipes
ENERGY SAVING – Max power consumption 2kW, it needs only 220-230V 60Hz
DURABILITY – It necessitates minimal maintenance and it’s compatible with 24/7, 365 days a year, operations

Ultrasonic cleaning

The increasing necessity to reduce timing and costs of cleaning procedures of mechanical parts, both in shipyard and on board, drive us the the development of a custom, durable and eco-compatible ultrasonic Washing Tanks.

Ultrasonic Washing is a process that uses ultrasounds (usually around 20 kHz) to agitate a fluid. Ultrasonic Washing uses cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate a liquid. The agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to substrates like steel and alloy. For these reasons, Ultrasonic Washing Tanks are widely used in shipyards and other industries to clean many different types of mechanical parts in the naval/shipbuilding sector, including any steel or alloy component of the engine system, such as pistons, valves, turbo-blowers and others.

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