Analysis & Design

Each customer has a detailed and specific fouling coverage need depending on their reference vessel, as well as respect their operational and navigation characteristics.

For this reason, each system is a specific custom-design project calibrated on several structural variables of the primary sea water pipeline. The supply of a proper anti-fouling coverage should take account of different technical aspects of the pipeline, such as the overall flow of water, the nominal diameter of the different tracts, the different substrate materials (carbon steel, fiberglass or alloys such as CuproNickel – CuNi/9010) among others.


After several years of experience in the maritime industry, M.E.S s.r.l. has developed a restrictive, customer oriented, analysis protocol aimed to understand each technical needs even at the first preliminary phases of the development of a newbuilding. For this reason, our technical department will contact and discuss with your naval architects the ideal placement of each ultrasonic transducers from the sea chest to each respective water management system or pipeline/crossover. Similarly, dedicated sea chests created to supply Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, Fire Pumps and Scrubbers systems could be covered with custom designed ultrasonic anti-fouling systems.

Our ultrasonic washing tanks, on the other hand, could be supplied in different power and dimensions set up, and for that reason can be located in every room or compartment of your engine or maintenance room and in general in every area of the lower decks of your vessel.

There are no limits of applications for an ultrasonic antifouling and washing system, we have provided our systems to shipyards for many different customers and projects including cruise companies, research and exploration vessels, motor yachts, anchor handling supply vessels and military frigates.

Operating Ships

You are interested to achieve a green and sustainable anti-fouling solution for your vessel, but it’s already operating and out of the shipyard? No problem! Our system could be supplied also for existing vessel, during their first years of operation, as well as in presence of refit or conversion projects.

In the past years many owners, after trying our systems on a newly designed ship and after understanding the added values given by its efficacy, durability and eco-compatibility, have chosen to equip with the same solution also other existing vessels of their fleets.

Moreover, due to the minimal invasiveness of the installation procedures requested to wire and connect the whole system (no drill or major carpentry interventions are required), there are no limits on the possibility to integrate an ultrasonic anti-fouling system, in your engine room.

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