After Sales Services

After passing different electric, diagnostic and programming tests, our products are shipped to our clients for the final installation. Then, our technical department will follow you since the first launch of our systems, to the following years, for any technical inquiry or assistance, if needed or planned.

After numerous years in providing our systems for different customers and industries, we have also developed a Maintenance and Assistance Service Program to ensure both performances and duration of each product, over time.

After Sales Services timeline

  1. TECHNICAL SURVEY: TRANSDUCERS PLACEMENT AND DIMENSIONING – After requesting a free quotation for an antifouling protection system for your vessel, our technician will plan a technical survey in order to define the dimension and placement of the system. This assessment could be conducted from dimensional projects or drawings at your technical department as well as directly on board, if the ship has been already build.
  1. THE ANTIFOULING SYSTEM IS SHIPPED TO THE OWNER/YARD – Our production department after programming and testing the system for several functional and diagnostic feature, provide the shipment of components and manuals to the shipyard.
  1. INSTALLATION SURVEY – When the system components are installed on board, our technicians will supervise the installation procedure and its conformity to the technical specification. After the completion of the installation, the system will be tested and calibrated in accordance with the best anti fouling performance possible for different substrates (steel, CuNi, GRP and GRE) and structures (Sea chest, pipes and strainers, main crossover, scrubber systems, fire pump systems and other)
  1. SYSTEM DELIVERY TO THE OWNER/SHIPYARD – The antifouling system is delivered to the owner with the conduction of a General Test in order to assess the functional, structural, diagnostic and alarm features of the system as well as their corresponding signals in the main (ECR) Engine Control Room.
  1. CUSTOMIZED ORDINARY MAINTENANCE AND REVISION PLANS – Our maintenance and revision programs are fully customizable respect on your necessities and operational schedules. After the system is delivered to the owner, during the in-warranty period, every technical inquiry could be easily forwarded to our technical department as well as for spare part substitutions. After the warranty period, we have developed several customized assistance plans to maintain and ensure the overall performances of the antifouling system, in the following years.

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