Ultrasonic Transducer – LEO 50

A novel application of a centenary technology

By means of piezoelectric ceramics, each transducers is the active component of the antifouling prevention system. Thanks to a proper frequency adjustment given by the digital ultrasonic generator, each transducer is for that reason the most durable and resistant element involved.

A proper antifouling protection is ensured by an adequate distribution and location of each ultrasonic transducers, on every surface from carbon steel to CuproNickel or fiberglass structures.

Technical Specification

Power Consumption50 W
Height133,5 mm
Diameter86 mm
Weight1,5 kg
Level of protectionIP 66*
* the level of protection of the connector located 1 meter above the transducer is equal to IP65 due to the absence of risk of submersion.