Ultrasonic Generator – IKE 2200

One generator, multiple features

The newly developed advanced control system allows power’s modulation, frequency’s
adjustment other than a variety of multiple alarms’ signals management.

Plug & Play

Multiple Alarms

Easy to Use

Multiple digital alarms and control procedures

  • Adjustable temperature alarm
  • Generator alarm
  • Low power/high power transducer alarm
  • Auto-periodic check of the overall system (adjustable)
  • Real time check capabilities to compare modifications of the performances of the system, overtime

Technical specification

Power Supply230 V – 60 Hz
Max.number of transducers/generator40 transducers
Variable Frequency19kHz – 25kHz
Level of protectionIP 40*
Weight5 kg
Dimension290 X 240 X 200 mm
* the level of protection of the panel is IP 44 and for that reason when installed, the ultrasonic generator is protected by the same level of protection

Compatibility with out-of-production models

Our previous analogical Ultrasonic Generators are nowadays out of production due to the limited availability of their internal components and the technological nature of some sub-structural processes, now outdated as a consequence of technology developments. If you have an old analogical PZT Ultrasonic Generator, is now available a fully tested compatibility kit for spare parts substitution. Nowadays, Ultrasonic Generators are almost always requested to be developed in order to cooperate with PLC logic and multiple digital features, and old PZT Generators are not capable to solve most of this diagnostical needs.

With IKE 2200 Compatibility Kit, you will be able to ensure a proper spare part substitution even to previous M.E.S. Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems. Don’t hesitate to contact our technical department for further details and documentation.