About Us

Our staff and departments:

Our team is a real meltin pot with a common identity and a straight mission, provide innovative solutions, in a sustainable way. The effective heterogeneity of our human resources allows us to handle every scenario, with different perspectives and solutions aimed to assist and drive our customers to their objectives.

General Management

Francesco Miraglia

Management and Sales Department

Gabriella Murgia

Technical and R&D Department

Marco Martinetti

Technical and R&D Department

Alessandro Grittini

Accounting and Quality Department

Elisa Murgia

Our company, one mission for a synergic functional diversity

Our company headquarters are located in the nearby of Genoa, one of the most developed and technologically advanced marine district in Italy. At our offices, located in Arenzano, are conducted the general management, administrative, procurement and quality offices functions.

Our productive plant, located few kilometers from Milan, is responsible for the design, production, quality and test of our products. In the same structure, is also located the research and development department, which is responsible for the continuous development of newer and more innovative ultrasonic solutions for fouling protection, for the marine industry. Our technical consultants are always available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to assist our customers for any technical enquiry, in the shortest time possible.

Our patent and certifications:

Our company has registered the patent of the first ultrasonic anti-fouling systems in 2006, after numerous years in researching ultrasonic applications to address fouling issues in the marine industry. Since then, more than 143 antifouling systems were designed, developed and installed to avoid all the operational issues related to fouling.

Similarly, our administrative, management, and production processes have been developed in order to accomplish all the quality management system (QMS) requirements resulting in an overall improvement of the general operation management. Gaining certification demonstrates that your quality management system (QMS) follows a robust and globally recognized approach that’s focused on continually improving your processes and managing business risks to meet the needs and expectations of your customers and other stakeholders.