Global Maritime Conference Online is an event that will unite the whole maritime industry for two days. Maritime experts from all parts of the world will join this truly unprecedented online gathering to network and to evaluate the best technological solutions that are available at the moment. Many leaders of the maritime industry will share their insights and good practices and the technology companies will offer their latest products and services.

M.E.S. s.r.l. , as a ultrasonic technology provider with an excellent record in the supply of antifouling systems and washing tanks for the maritime industry, will take part of this online event in order to update our knowledge and network even in presence of the recent epidemiological scenario. Our business has to be always conducted jointly with a continuous and productive research of the newest necessities and developments of our industry. Similarly, we need to keep our former and future customers updated on our most recent developments and products, even if the traditional way to participate to exhibitions and forums has been recently changed by the pandemic. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that this particular period will allow our industry to improve its efficiency in the development of digital and remote conferences and exhibitions and to be even more able to improve also the capabilities and opportunities of our industrial network.

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